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The Peregrine Foundation


The mission of the Peregrine Foundation is to provide support for the victims and veterans of international conflict and assistance to medical care providers.

The principles of medical neutrality and non-interference with medical services in times of armed conflict and civil unrest are enshrined in the Geneva Conventions.
Despite the fact that violations of medical neutrality are crimes under international law, medical professionals providing care in conflict zones say they are under threat as never before.

Among the deadliest and most bitter conflicts raging today is the Syrian civil war which has contributed to destabilising the Levant and disrupting the wider Middle East.
The acute nature of the challenges generated by the Syrian conflict have made this the first focus of the Peregrine Foundation, which will strive to:

  • Strengthen humanitarian assistance.
  • Enable and protect medical resources.
  • Develop a better understanding of the long-term consequences of conflict on stability.
  • Initial deliverables to support the protection of medical personnel in Syria include:

  • Address and raise awareness of the considerable dangers of the refugee situation in Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey as a significant force for regional de-stabilisation.
  • Assessment and development of a plan for collaboration and coordination node.
  • Advice on enhancement of situational awareness to produce threat updates.
  • Guidance on personal security, safety training and threat awareness.
  • Guidance on technologies for the improved safety and security of mobile personnel and equipment.
  • Advice on state-of-the-art technologies for increased information.
  • For more information please contact: enquiries@peregrinefoundation.eu